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Retired ~ Gay Boys: Coming Out in Middle School

Clock Hours: 1

Through completion of this course, a learner will: • Learn about the variable continuum of sexual orientation • Review the commonality of sexual attraction among adolescents • Review the limitations and uses of labels and terminology

Real changes in politics, laws, and consciousness toward gay people have raised the possibility that sexual orientation is, or will soon be, pretty irrelevant. In this course, Ritch Savin-Williams, Ph.D., Human Development, discusses his book, "The New Gay Teenager." According to Dr. Savin-Williams, the vast majority of same sex-attracted teenagers simultaneously highlight their commonalities while challenging stereotypes. These “new gay” or “post gay” students believe that the only way to lift the stigma of homosexuality is to be matter-of-fact about it. Dr. Savin-Williams also discusses his “Differential Developmental Trajectories Perspective.” Keywords: gay, boys, homosexuality, bi-sexual, tri-gender, lesbian, sexuality, suicide, stereotypes

Approval Bodies

  • Association of Social Work Boards Approved Continuing Education (ACE)
  • CAADE - California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators
  • California Association of DUI Treatment Programs
  • California Board of Registered Nursing
  • California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP)
  • Connecticut Certification Board, Inc.
  • Illinois Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc. 03/20-22 (CC)
  • Illinois Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc. 03/22-24 (BD).
  • NAADAC, National Association for Addiction Professionals
  • National Board for Certified Counselors
  • Pennsylvania Certification Board
  • Professional Development

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