The myLearningPointe Solution: A Complete Learning Resource

myLearningPointe offers organizations and individuals easy access to the clinical (CEU), compliance and personal development courses needed. Click Organizations or Individuals to learn how myLearningPointe can assist you in your educational needs.

Corporate Learning Center
myLearningPointe provides organizations of all sizes the ability configure the Learning Management System to meet their specific needs. A personalized Corporate Learning Center provides a secure experience for organizations and learners to effectively create, manage, and track training, continuing education, certification and development initiatives.

Online Learning Catalog
myLearningPointe offers one of the largest online course catalogs for HHS organizations. Clients can take advantage of the full Premier catalog of over 450 off-the-shelf courses. Many of these offerings provide continuing education units (CEUs) for human services and health personnel.

Click here to learn more about the Course Catalog and how you can obtain the full list of content offerings.

Business Benefits
• Easily deploy and track online and live classroom courses
• Achieve greater compliance through secure and auditable record keeping
• Improve staff retention and productivity  
• Reduce travel costs through online learning
• Track skills and competencies obtained across the organization
• Deliver consistent training across all locations
• Access training 24/7
Coming Soon – Mobile Access

Customized Implementation and Site Administrator Training
Organizations have the ability to setup the Learning Management System and how courses are made available to your staff. Implementation will be tailored to your organization’s needs and timelines.

Organization Site Administrators benefit from instructor-led training sessions that provide extensive hands-on experience, allowing participants to practice concepts as they are discussed. Sessions are conducted by knowledgeable, experienced trainers.

Course Consumption and Tracking
myLearningPointe courses vary in delivery to accommodate all types of Learners. Courses include audio, video, and other mechanisms for content consumptions. Individuals receive credit for a course by listening to, or reading the entire presentation. Upon finishing the course, the participant must post a 75% or higher score on the post course evaluation. If the participant does not post a passing grade or higher, they are allowed to retake the test 3 times. Individuals, Managers and Organizations benefit from the standard reporting tools to track, report, and manage learning.

Already part of the Netsmart Family?
Current Netsmart clients have the ability to try myLearningPointe for FREE by signing up for a Basic Account. Individuals who sign up for the Basic Account will have access to a sampling of our catalog and be able to complete courses through our powerful Learning Management System. Click here to become a Basic Account member.